Vocal PR

Vocal PR


Your voice reveals or conceals you, and is the key to effectively communicating in the world, yet it is so often forgotten. Our voice is an intrinsic part of our identity and informs others perceptions on many levels. Voice is our body’s instrument and played well can show confidence, credibility, authority, empathy, emotional vulnerability, presence, desire and passion. Yet often we have become all too mechanical, transmitting information, reducing our bodies so they can barely fill a third of a breath.

These workshops are experiential, physical and fun! We revisit the physical craft of storytelling, sound and expression through voice. You can expect to leave with practical techniques, confidence and meaningful ways of communicating.

If you’d like to find out more about vocal workshops either in-house or would like to take part in an open workshop then Theresa would be delighted to have a chat – 07824 633200.

A wonderful opportunity to explore the freedom of voice without fear of being judged or worrying about mechanics. I’m struck by the power of intent and emotion behind words and how that influences a speaker’s ability to connect and communicate. I loved the focus of synching up the mind, body and voice – an inspiring workshop!
Global Communications Director